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Geo Napkin Holder | Brushed Nickel & Nero


Keep it clean with a holder for paper or linen napkins on your table, because there's only a few places for dirty hands and this isn't one of them. We love this holder because it's made from stainless steel, giving you functional yet sleek design.

Solid Nero Marquina Marble | Honed | Brushed Nickel Plated Stainless Steel Frame

L165 x W55 x H100mm

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    All Products:
    Hand wash with a soft, sponge with a mild detergent and cold water only.
    Wipe dry immediately after being washed.
    Do not submerge in water.
    Avoid prolonged contact with liquids.
    If the exterior surface does get wet, dry immediately with a clean, soft cloth.
    Avoid touching the surface with dirty, oily fingers.
    Do not place in the dishwasher or microwave.
    Do not apply any harsh abrasive cleaning agents.
    Clean prior to first time use.

      Brass & Nickel:
      Avoid touching the surface with dirty, oily fingers.
      Solid brass is a material that contains raw metals such as copper & zinc, which overtime can patina when exposed to heat & moisture.
      This is part of its organic ageing process and is not considered a flaw or imperfection. 

        Be aware that food and liquids containing oils, acids and strong pigments can cause some slight marking or discolouration over time.
        Natural stone will have variations in tone and veining, as well as natural imperfections, such as pitting, fissures, chips & cracks.. This adds to the unique beauty of single piece will ever be the same as another.
        Due to the nature of this material, over time the surface may scratch especially when using sharp cheese knives. To add to the longevity of the product, try to avoid sharp knives where possible.

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