1. Dispense 3x drops of serum into your hand.
2. Massage into your skin using a gentle circular motion.
3. Leave the serum on your face.

Note: Use 1-2x per day to stay smooth and youthful

Kakadu Plum, Finger Lime, Mountain Pepper Berry, Native River Mint, 4% Bakuchiol (natural retinol), Sodium Benzoate (salt-based preserver). Nothing else.

Using a Cold Liquid Extraction Closed System means, the plant extracts do not get damaged during the extraction process making them active and perform as they would in the plant.
These natural powers of resilience and rejuvenation protect your skin against stressors and the elements.
All Terra Tonics extracts are shelf-stable and water-soluble.
As they are water-soluble it enables them to penetrate the skin deeply for cellular nourishment.
The serum is very light and more consistent with water than an oil.