R L Foote Design Studio

R L Foote create contemporary tableware, objects and food art in their Australian workshop. They create elegant pieces that heighten any dining occasion.

Olivier Melbourne

Olivier is a jewellery studio that's inspired by unorthodox forms. Think handmade jewellery with attention to detail, and unique shapes, lines and textures.

By Claire

Claire creates one-line drawings and abstract paintings, inspired by the human form. She uses simple forms, natural materials, bold lines, and vibrant tones.

Thomas Gouws

Thomas is an abstract artist with a background in architecture. Creating mixed-media works, he explores geometric abstraction through the lens of minimalism.

Behr & Co

Behr & Co create high-quality homewares that are functional to use, yet striking in design. They appreciate the raw beauty of natural materials like metal and marble, which have perfect imperfections, and age over time. The result? Style that's truly organic and timeless. 

Jackson Miles

Jackson Miles wants to change the way men perceive looking after themselves: they believe your skincare products can look good, whilst being very effective.

Mitch Murrin

Looking to bring nature into your home? Mitch Murrin is an aerial landscape photographer based in Melbourne. His work is intriguing and calming, and brings life to any space. He specialises in capturing travel, oceans and topography.


Jarad Wates

Jared shots capture nature and the balance human design. Think prints that are ready to frame, hang and look at whenever you need a dose of the outdoors.

The mission is simple: Helping make the world more Handsome.
And they do this by giving men a range of quality products made with natural and organic ingredients.

Charles + Lee

Charles + Lee make effective and affordable skincare products that look great in any bathroom. They're experts in stuff that has you and your home looking great.

Idle Hands Design
Idle Hands Design make furniture that embodies simplicity and creativity. Their pieces evoke calm in any home, and are locally manufactured in Melbourne.

Patina Watch Company

Patina are watch enthusiasts that are passionate about timekeeping and design. Pairing simple design with affordability, they create handsome timepieces.

Black De Ville

Black De Ville melds clean lines, organic movement and geometric silhouettes to create unconventional jewellery. Made by hand from high-quality Australian sterling silver, each piece has a unique finish, exclusive to its wearer. Think bespoke style - with an avant-garde edge

Terra Tonics

Passionate about cruelty-free sustainability, Terra Tonics use pure ingredients to heal and nourish your skin. All products are free from chemicals and fillers.

Clayboy Stoneware

Coffee is a religion. Enjoy carefully roasted beans from BRUT Coffee, in a bespoke stoneware vessel from Clayboy. Your morning worship just got luxurious.


Jibbon create minimalist key organisers. They're built to be timeless and reliable. For once, you might even look forward to carrying your keys in your pocket.

David Svec

David photographs nature from extraordinary vantage points. Landscape prints that are ready to frame, hang and look at whenever you need a dose of the outdoors.

Dear Dagger

A German gentleman who's now based in Sydney, Dear Dagger has a passion for crafting handmade leather goods - resulting in rugged, masculine accessories.

We Are Feel Good Inc.

We Are Feel Good Inc. has got you covered (literally). They've reimagined slip, slop, slap with their beautifully designed products, so you can protect and nourish your skin whilst maintaining your sense of style.

William Édouard

'Finest craftsmanship, without compromise' is the cornerstone of the William Édouard brand. William creates thoughtful jewellery, made from high quality materials - including ethically sourced gemstones and recycled silver.

Christine Mueller

Christine is a certified drone pilot who loves exploring and capturing the great outdoors. She produces quality prints that are striking in their use of colour.

After Hours Watches

After Hours create beautifully minimal watches. Designed for those who want refined style that's also affordable, these are durable yet sophisticated accessories.

TOO Designs

TOO Designs create innovative decor for modern homes, as noted by winning the Good Design Award 2020. With magnetic wall art and clocks that you can personalise yourself, their pieces are interactive yet stylish.

The Good Plate

The Good plate believe every meal is worthy of your 'good plates'. Creating incredibly weighted and crafted ceramic tableware, The Good Plate also donate a percentage of their profits to Scarf Community.


Vahy create luxurious, genderless alternatives to commercial fragrances. Think refined, contemporary scents that are better for you, animals, and the planet.