Too Designs

Fusion | Magnetic Art

Size: Rectangle, Square or Kit Only:
Colour: Salmon, Cobalt & Oxide

Are you the new Mondrian? With this innovative homeware, you can create your own abstract design by arranging shapes - and rearrange it into a new artwork whenever you like! We love this versatile wall art kit because it can be adapted to every taste in home decor.

Good Design Award Winner 2020 | Indoor Use Only | Designed and Made in Melbourne, Australia

1x Powder Coated Steel Quarter: 300mm Radius
1x Powder Coated Steel Rectangle: W300 x H150mm
1x Powder Coated Steel Stripe: W300 x H30mm

Standard Rectangle: W620 x D20 x H420mm or Standard Square: W620 x D20 x H620mm

Each seperate item from TOO Designs is sent by courier and will be charged $20 for shipping.

i.e. if you purchase 3x TOO Designs items, you will be charged $60. 

Available in:
Standard Square: W620 x D20 x H620mm
Standard Rectangle: W620 x D20 x H420mm
Large Square: W920 x D20 x H920mm
Large Rectangle: W920 x D20 x H620mm
    Composition can be permanently fixed.
    Custom colours and shapes available on request (depending on material and quantities)

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