What to Get Dad for Father’s Day

What to Get Dad for Father’s Day?

Oh, Dad. We love you, but you can be damn near impossible to shop for at times. Particularly when it’s an occasion to remind you how thankful we are for you...even when you tell terrible jokes and then laugh at your own punchline before falling asleep in front of the telly.

To save you hours of agonising - and possibly ringing your mum to ask “What do I get my dad for Father’s Day?” - we’ve put together a list of quality gifts for every kind of pops.

Father's Day Present Ideas

Here’s a thoughtful idea for every kind of retail dilemma you might be experiencing right now:

  • “I have a fashion-forward father who dresses better than I do”:
    Present him with a statement accessory that he can treasure for a lifetime, like this elegant
    cuff bracelet from Black De Ville.
  • “My old man’s getting better with age...but his skin isn’t”:
    If he’s not quite sure where to start with the whole
    grooming thing, introduce him to a bespoke brand with all the products he needs to set up a simple yet effective routine. Jackson Miles is the perfect place to start: they’ve got well-made products that are easy to use AND smell great (think citrus, wood, vanilla and tobacco - nothing floral here).
    Jackson Miles Face Kit
  • “He’s always losing things and I’m always losing it when he loses them”:
    Look, it’s hard being a hot mess (emphasis on hot). But if you want him to get it together, make it easy for him. Keys tend to be the number-one repeat offender in this criminal category, but you can keep his record clean with a
    key organiser.

  • “Papa’s obsessed with MasterChef and re-enacts it in our kitchen whenever he gets the chance”:
    Lucky you! Help him show off his creations with tableware that looks as good as its contents taste, like these
    beautifully glazed plates from Melbourne ceramicist R L Foote.
  • “I’m not sure what to get a soon-to-be dad for Father’s Day”:
    Ah yes, he’s about to embark on the journey of a lifetime, but you’d like to give him something more thoughtful than nappies and wipes (and honestly, so would he). Given that he’s about to have a loooong stretch of sleepless nights, why not keep him looking pretty and pampered? This
    face and under-eye mask set is the perfect pick-me-up for skin that’s looking and feeling frazzled. 
  • “He’s the kind of parent who has everything he needs and hates clutter”:
    AKA the most difficult kind of person to shop for...cheers, Dad. But it sounds like he’s got definitive taste - and even the most hardcore minimalist has a soft spot for quality pieces that speak to their aesthetic need for simplicity. Treat him to elegant yet functional decor, like this
    striking clock from Too Designs.
  • “He’s the kind of person who has everything but I still want to get them something special”:
    Go for something indulgent, yet uniquely formulated: Vahy’s genderless fragrances, such as
    Luna, are made with care for people and the environment, and smell divine to boot.

When is Father’s Day in Australia?

If you’re celebrating an Australian Father’s Day in 2021, whack Sunday, 5 September in your calendar (and reminders, and maybe stick a post-it note somewhere...just in case). You’ll make your old man’s day.


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