What to Do for Father’s Day

The question of what to do for Father’s Day might be trickier to answer this year - but we’ve got you covered on all the ways to treat your special guy, no matter where you are.

What to Do for Father's Day?

No matter how you celebrate, Father’s Day activities all have one goal in common: to honour fathers everywhere and how their paternal influence makes the world a bit brighter.  Yep, it’s totally sappy stuff - but it’s the one day of the year where dads are appreciated for all that they do, and given the state of the world right now, any occasion to express gratitude is a great one. So whether you’re celebrating a young, hip dad, or a mature, in-need-of-a-hip-replacement-but-still-hip grandfather, make the effort to show that you value them in all their glory with gifts under $100 (although maybe don’t get Poppy to show you his dance moves from the seventies, for the sake of his seventies...)

What to Do for Father's Day at Home? 

Father's Day activity ideas will likely be somewhat more creative this year. Whilst some of us will be at home with their old man, others might be unable to see theirs, and most - if not all of us - will be spending time at home, or close to home, this year.

But no matter where you are, it doesn’t mean you can’t organise a memorable moment that delights Dad. If you’re separated from him at the moment, technology (not to mention old mate postie) can help you out on this front: why not organise a thoughtful gift under $100 to be delivered to him by Sunday, 5 September (#helpfuldatereminderjustforyou) AND arrange a video call so you can watch him open it? You can also share the love around: coordinate a group video call so the whole family can have a virtual get-together and catch up. Bonus points for not having to all agree on the same restaurant this year and being able to order whatever eats you’d like if your FaceTime turns into FeastTime.

2021 Father's Day Activities

Dad Logic from when you were growing up probably featured something around the virtues of staying in (either so you could get good grades at school, get your chores done, or avoid falling for the wrong person that would inevitably annoy said dad). Now’s the time to show your old man that you really WERE listening and not just rolling your eyes whilst putting in headphones - here’s a list of great ideas of what to do for Father’s Day this year:

Wash all cares away

If he’s always been a short-haired lad, it might shock you if you learn that he’s never experienced the best part of the hairdressing ritual: the scalp massage during a thorough shampooing. Good news: you can fix this immediately. Present him with a complete hair kit that smells terrific, and crack the bottle open to play hairdresser at his service (no scissors required). This is a particularly nice thing to do if you’re wondering what to do for your husband on Father’s Day.

Recreate the spa experience
(yes, ‘spa’ - not ‘bar’)
Pampering, and the time to indulge in it, reminds us that looking after ourselves is an expression of self-love. Try a gift pack of face products that nourish the skin. If he’s never tried this before, you might inspire him to kickstart a grooming routine, and if he’s already got skin in the game, he might just up the ante with targeted treatments

Find the way to his heart...through his stomach

An elaborate brunch or fancy dinner, or selection of sweets, is always appreciated. If you’re looking to spend quality time with Dad, arrange to cook together: you might finally learn his secret tricks for those signature dishes.

Let the kids take over
Two birds, one stone: keep the kids entertained by getting them to dress up and put on a play or musical extravaganza in honour of their daddy. Your budding Shakespeare can write a new story from their wild imagination, or if they need a little help, get them to recreate a story from a book or a movie (though maybe not Dad’s favourite...Die Hard might not be totally appropriate, though the Instagram content you’d get would be exceptional).

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