What’s the Best Moisturiser for Men? It All Comes Down to Skin Type

Finding the best face moisturiser for men doesn’t have to be complicated. We have rounded up the most common skin types, and the moisturiser qualities to keep each one happy.

Oily Skin: My face is greasy at best, and frequently pimply at worst.

Look for oil-free or mattifying moisturisers so you’re not worsening the issue. Or use an alternative formulation altogether: a lightweight serum or water-based gel cream might do a better job and leave your skin feeling more comfortable.

Breakout-Prone Skin: My face constantly has acne...it’s almost like it wants to relive every day of high school.

Again, avoid any heavy or oil-based products, and use a balancing serum. As tempting as it is to skip moisturising, please don’t: oil and moisture are different beasts, and oily skin still needs hydration. Bonus tip: after cleansing and before moisturising, try applying products containing benzoyl peroxide to your blemishes for spot treatment.

Dry Skin: My face is more dehydrated than deadpan humour, and the flakiness is far from funny.

Look for products containing natural ingredients; they’ll be kinder to your skin than harsh chemical concoctions. Aloe, ceramides, glycerin and hyaluronic acids are all good examples of this. Drier skin types also benefit from rich ingredients, especially in night creams: try letting jojoba, olive, or watermelon seed oil work its magic as you sleep.

"Boost your skin’s glow with a serum containing Vitamin C, or one with alpha-hydroxy acids for an even smoother face."

Combination Skin: My face can’t make up its mind, it’s oily in some areas, and dry in others.

Combination skin is all about balance. Use a medium-weight moisturiser, like a lotion or gel cream, to hydrate your skin without overloading problematic areas. You can also apply a hyaluronic serum to dry areas before applying moisturiser: hyaluronic acid is actually a humectant, which means it helps the skin to retain its natural hydration levels.

Sensitive Skins: My skin is more touchy than my ex-partner and my pre-morning-coffee boss combined.

Always choose fragrance-free products, and avoid any moisturisers that contain other irritants like alcohol, dyes, parabens or preservatives. Look for a men’s sensitive face moisturiser that contains mild and soothing ingredients, like green tea and ceramides. Products that use natural ingredients are also less likely to irritate skin, as they will contain less chemicals - try something like the S-5 Fig & Cedar Daily Moisturiser from Jackson Miles, which uses four different kinds of skin-enriching oils as key ingredients.

Normal Skin: Not bragging, but my skin is just kind of...fine?

Lucky you! But our skin changes as we age, so you still need to moisturise. Maintain your skin with the medium-weight formulation of your choice. Better yet, boost your skin’s glow with a serum containing Vitamin C, or one with alpha-hydroxy acids for an even smoother face.

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