What Does Beard Oil Do? A Step-By-Step Guide

Beard oil is usually a combination of different oils that have a plethora of benefits. The wonder product tames your hairs, soften and condition your beard and the skin underneath it, and smells great to boot. No matter what kind of beard you’ve got, you’ll notice a difference.

"As a rule of thumb, apply beard oil once or twice a day - it could be more or less depending on the season, weather or occasion."

So how do you use beard oil? Well, like Tinder, it’s a numbers game - and by numbers, I mean you can do it in ten easy steps: 

  1. Use it after stepping out of the shower, when you’re clean and soft. Plus, the steam and heat open up your pores, which makes your skin and hair more open to the oil. (If you haven’t showered, wash your face and beard with warm water.).

  2. Dry your beard thoroughly before applying, as water will prevent the oil from being fully absorbed, and pick up your oil of choice. If you’re not sure where to start with choosing a product, we recommend The Groomed Man Co: no-fuss organic products that multitask as hydrating face/body/beard oil, and in a range of scents so you can start your day however you’d like.

  3. Put some oil into your palm. How much? Well, it really depends on the length of your beard: a little goes a long way, and you can always add more later if needed. For shorter beards (that’s anywhere between no growth and up to two months’ growth), start with 1 pump - the general recommendation is usually somewhere between 2-4 pumps. Make the call depending on the length of yours.

  4. Rub your hands together: this spreads the product evenly between your palms and fingers, and warms the oil.

  5. Brush your palms over the sides, then down the front of your beard, using a downwards motion in both areas. That’s covered the tips of the hairs, and most of the strand. 

  6. Bring your fingers and then palms up and over the bottom of your chin in an upwards motion. Sure, you’ll ruffle the hairs, but you’ll also work the oil through the underside of the beard this way, ensuring the roots of the strands and the rest of the hair shaft is conditioned.

  7. Use a fingertip to coat your moustache. If you still have excess oil left on your hands on this stage, you can condition your chest hair - dry, wiry hair doesn’t feel great anywhere. No chest hair? Try running it through your hair or massaging it into your skin - a well-made beard oil will offer moisturising benefits to more than just your whiskers.

  8. Make use of a boar’s hair brush or beard comb to evenly distribute oil through the beard and set all hairs - and any fly-aways - in place.

  9. Repeat as needed. But wait - how often do you apply beard oil? The standard is generally once or twice a day, but it could be more or less depending on the season, weather or occasion. At a minimum, aim for every other day - you can always build up the number of applications from there.

  10. Enjoy your soft, comfortable, loveable beard.

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