Hand Cream For Men: Why It Deserves A Thumbs Up

Dry, cracked hands; thick calluses, peeling skin...irrespective of gender, neglected hands are uncomfortable and never create a great impression in any situation. So no matter how you use them, let’s create a proper routine for men’s hand care. Charles + Lee Hand cream for men

"Scrubbing away dead skin cells 2-3 times a week keeps the skin on your hands smooth and healthy."

Clean: Washing your hands is obviously essential for health and hygiene, but hot water is not your friend - it’s incredibly drying, and contributes to redness and roughness. Always keep it lukewarm to cool, and use soap to kill germs instead.

Renew: Scrubbing away dead skin cells 2-3 times a week (formally known as exfoliation) keeps the skin smooth. Use an exfoliating scrub as directed, or gently rub rough parts of your hands using a pumice stone. If using the latter, soak your hands for 15 minutes beforehand to soften the skin and create less work for yourself. 

Target: The skin on our hands is thinner than the rest of your body, and shows signs of aging earlier as a result. Retinol cream balances your skin tone and minimises any liver spots to keep your hands from prematurely ageing you.

Hydrate: Apply cream once or twice daily to maintain supple skin. A good hand lotion for men will also contain hyaluronic acid: that’s the secret ingredient that lessens the greasy feel. Bonus points: pop on cotton gloves after you apply so it really sinks in - or better yet, put on the cream, pull on dishwashing gloves, and let it do its magic as you tackle the daily dishes/your housemate’s pile of filth/the remains of last night’s party. The heat and steam from the water warms up the gloves, which allows a moisturising product to penetrate deeper.

Protect: Now that you’ve done all the work to get your hands under control, seal it with a barrier (remember how hands age faster than you thought?). If you’re outdoors, that means sunscreen; if you’re doing manual labour or it’s cold, that means gloves.

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