Christmas Gifts for Men

We've made gift buying simple and curated a guide for every type of man in your life. Check out our Twelve Men of Christmas. The designer William Morris once said “Have nothing in your house that you do not believe to be useful or beautiful”. We think that’s the perfect rule for when settling on gifts for men. 

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1. Mr. You’re So Vain
(AKA the gentleman who’s always well-groomed)

You’re in luck: it’s easy to spoil men who love looking after themselves. Nothing says Christmas like “gift pack”: spring for one from Jackson Miles. If you’re unsure of what to get him, you can’t go wrong with classic products like beard oil or moisturiser from Handsome Skincare, or if they’re a skincare expert, they deserve Terra Tonics’ luxurious plant-based collagen serum and cleanser.

2. Mr. Fashion Killa
(AKA the man with serious style)

It’s time to break out the bling. Give them a striking ring from Black De Ville or Olivier, or a pendant from the latter. If they’re not a jewellery dude, you can still show them that you appreciate their style with a watch from our Aussie creators. 

3. Mr. Piano Man
(AKA the bro who’s really into music)

The best gifts for men who see themselves as collectors is something that shows off their passion. If you know someone who spins records, this Jex Vinyl Stand from Idle Hands Design makes a perfect display. 

4. Mr. Paint It Black
(AKA the chap who loves art and design)

Anyone who considers themselves a critic will love unique decor and prints that add a touch of “Where did you get that?!” when they’ve got guests over. Try a TOO Designs minimal clock or a hand drawn one-line artwork from By Claire.

5. Mr. Banana Pancakes
(AKA the fella who’s always in the kitchen)

If they’re someone who entertains, luxurious serving ware will hit the spot: think Behr & Co’s salad servers or cheese knives. But if they’re a serious foodie, they’d probably love this drip infuser.

6. Mr. Like A Boss
(AKA the bloke who’s all work and no play)

This is a man who needs an accessory that means business, like a card sleeve. Or desk organisation in perfect minimalism, or even a complementary yet beautiful drinking vessel by Clayboy Stoneware.

7. Mr. Road Trippin’
(AKA the lad who’s the definition of wanderlust)

2020 shut down everyone’s travel plans, but you can still keep travel dreams alive for him with a destination print. Mitch Murrin has a relaxing view of St Kilda Beach up for grabs, and Jared Wates has the best of both worlds in his shot of a road winding between ocean and trees.

8. Mr. Here Comes The Sun
(AKA the beach bum)

Similar to wanderlusting dudes, you can brighten the day of these guys with a beach print so they’re always exposed to sun and sand. But if they loving getting out  in the sun, they’d probably appreciate an SPF50+ Coconut Sunscreen from We Are Feel Good Inc. that protects and moisturises leaving no sticky residue.

9. Mr. Nature Boy 
(AKA the bloke who’s sustainably au naturale)

For a gentleman that cares about Mother Earth, go the extra mile. A Behr & Co planter is perfect if he’s fathered a plant baby, or you can pick up a plant-powered cleanser from Terra Tonics

10. Mr. Simplicity
(AKA the dude who’s all about minimalism)

The best gifts for men who live clutter-free are those that are useful. Decor items designed to elevate your space and showcase your favourite desktop items whilst keeping them neat and tidy.

11. Mr. Hard to Handle
(AKA the guy who’s impossible to shop for)

We feel for you if your gift recipient is in this category. But the good news is that most men appreciate a masculine parfum, especially one that is 100% natural and looks great on the shelf like the range from Vahy. Otherwise how often does anyone upgrade their own wallet? Check out these timeless options that suit all styles.

12. Mr. Me, Myself & I
(AKA the one who appreciates a personalised gift)

Sometimes, a personal touch is all you need when it comes to gift ideas for men. Jibbon’s key organiser offers a monogramming option, which is sure to make anyone feel special.

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